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Local Time: - Praia de Crena, Vila do Abraão, Ilha Grande - Angra dos Reis - Brazil




ASALEM has been owned by the California resident Laura Consulter since 2002, and is managed by her son Andre Cypriano.

André Cypriano has been traveling to Ilha Grande since he was a teenager, adventuring with friends into forbidden areas looking for the best waves to surf. As the years progressed, he became attracted to the island's history and, as a documentary photographer, ended up being the only person authorized by the governor of Rio de Janeiro to spend days taking photographs inside the most infamous penitentiary in the history of Brazil, "The Devil's Caldron." Located inside a State Reserve, the prison was closed and the buildings demolished in 1994, eight months after Cypriano documented it. His book, "The Devil’s Caldron," was published by Cosac & Naify in 2001.

It is our policy that we are fully committed to conservation. We operate Asalem with a goal of minimal impact upon the landscape and wildlife. We are proud to be involved with projects that benefit the community such as organizing the cleaning of beaches (Lopes Mendes, Praia do Sul & Leste, Crena), and helping founding the kindergarten school Peixinho Dourado; supporting the capoeira school, sponsoring the annual chess tournament and local surfers, and more. We work closely with our community to preserve their cultural heritage and to improve their standards of living, education and health care.